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Aretha Franklin Appreciation

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

As a frequent goer of the New Orleans Jazz Fest and possessing a sincere love of music that makes us move, Aretha all had our hearts. Thankful for the soul queen who taught us a little bit more about respect (arguably made the best shower-singing song of all time, you know you gave it a whirl with the microphone soap). Aretha Franklin was laid to rest on Friday after a week-long open casket in Detroit. At this point, hope we can all with a soft smile on our sweet faces say a little prayer for her as she enters a deep and peaceful sleep with a legacy that will live on for all of time:)

Warm Wishes,


Aretha Franklin Appreciation - Maggie Erin Fleming

Bromwich, Jonah. Friedman, Vanessa. "Even at Her Funeral Celebrations, Aretha Franklin Was the Height of Glamour." The New York Times. 31 August 2018.


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