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A Little Shovel Work

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

One of the reasons moving West was to be closer to my roots and grandpa who was a papa bear sharing his gummies so we would play with him! Once living in the northwest, the dramaticism and crispness of the coast is completely magical too. Last month, miners discovered large chunks of gold (up to 200 pound size gems) in southwestern Australia worth roughly $11 million. These findings are comparable to the Gold Rush that took place in California in 1849! While there are all sorts of discoveries happening on various fronts (healthcare, internet, space), how fresh it is that heaps of tangible gold are still being found in 2018!

A Little Shovel Work - Maggie Erin Fleming
Taking part in a dig.

Kennedy, Merrit. "Eureka! Mother Lode of Gold Found In Australian Mine." NPR. 11 September 2018,


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