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Raider Radiance

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The autumn wind's a pirate, yeah it was! As a little lady with family who grew up in Oakland with Raider Owner Mark Davis, Raiders were not only three-time Superbowl champions in the home, they were royalty. The Raider videos we watched as mama made warm little piggies in blankies (if we were good), and maybe queso too for very special occasions. There were many frisk field-goals at the end and inconceivable finishes. A few memories and personalities always remembered: the snowy play-offs in 2002, East Bay Living Legend John Madden, Howie Long, Rich G., Jerry Flash 80 Rice, Gene Upshaw, Jim Plunkett, Khalil Mack who we miss, sprinkle some Marshawn Lynch, and Ice Cube sideline cheering; we had exquisite football years in the bay. Hope the Raiders can just win some more baby in their new home, we will always cherish them in the East Bay. Once a raider, forever a raider!

Raider Radiance - Maggie Erin Fleming
Al Davis torch burns bright with victory over Broncos in last O. Co. game on Christmas Eve.


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