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Modeling Munchkin

You’re curvy, a little like a smurphy, and can definitely do a burpee

Your waist is too little, and laugh like ya got tickled! (tehee)

Your heels are too tall and you seem a bit small?

You always say “hello!” as if y’all are all out on the patio

You don’t talk like you’re from here, it’s a bit funny… a little slower with some honey

You tend to jiggle as you wiggle especially with a giggle!

Your look is quite different and not sure of your mix

Yes, that is why you’ll eclipse with persistence and not just for kicks

You keep trying as if all the yester-“no’s” never existed

They don’t! Because it is today and we’re futuristic.

Why do you do what you do?

To inspire all that no matter where you’re from, it’s possible and they can keep the suite on Park Avenue while we’ll be out here country-side sharing cookies and BBQ:)


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