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Beats for Breasts

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

What Lights life, Gives giggles, soul Shines, and Calms you for challenges? One habit is dancing (my grandmama illegally danced at dance-banned Waco Baylor University and passed this down, so saucy)! Recently, a Zumba party evolved honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a filled gym with all shades of PINK EVERYWHERE and people of all shapes, sizes and generations uniting to SHAKE IT (some doing what they pleased not quite rhythmic potentially in the back ;P). Genuinely ridiculous, Yeah! Did we intend to be salty, gym-stuffed, high-fiving when we accidentally pistol hair-whipped each other in the face? Was it more colorful? I hope you leave wiggle room for imperfections that were not exactly what you intended:) Thankful for the BEAUTIFUL events happening this month for breast cancer awareness and for each pistol hair-whip direct contact to the face in the eyeball region for charity!

Beats for Breasts - Maggie Erin Fleming

"Tips for Today: Breast Cancer Awareness Month." LSM Guide,


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